So the first week of the NBA Playoffs has come and gone. Here are some quick things I noticed

One Does Not Simply Beat Lebron

Lebron James has won 18 consecutive playoffs series against the Eastern Conference. This is a frickin’ incredible number period. This is 1960s Boston Celtics type numbers.

I watched the Game 3 comeback against Indiana. And by watch, I mean I turned it off before halftime and was thankful to catch the last five minutes. I’m sorry Lebron. I should have known better.

Golden State Warriors are going to win theĀ title

So I’m already breaking my Lebron rule. The Warriors in their 2 games look like the Warriors of old. Barring injury, I fully expect them to return to the Finals and win this year.

Clippers vs Jazz Is the Best First Round Series – and no one is talking about it

I live on the East Coast and go to bed early. This means that the Clippers/Jazz series is late for my taste. But I record the games and skim through the game. This is going to be a good series. These two teams are evenly matched and you have the added pressure of this possibly being the last time these Clippers are out there playing together.

Update: Blake Griffin is out for the rest of the playoffs.

The Houston Rockets are good

James Harden, despite my constant personal feelings, is an MVP-caliber player. I’m not a fan of his gameplay (drawing fouls) and perceived lack of defense, but the man is good and I need to admit that. The Rockets are equally good. Hell, I’m starting to become a fan.

The Eastern Conference, all has been the case for a decade, is the weaker of the two

Ah, the poor East. If not for Lebron, one might honestly wonder if any Eastern team is capable of winning the title. The Boston Celtics, the regular season best team for the conference, went down 0-2 to eight seeded Bulls before winning game 3. The Raptors are down and look terrible against the Bucks. Washington seems to be the only decent team. This means that yet again Lebron will have a straight shot to the Finals. Lebron is King and no one looks ready for the 7th consecutive year.